Testing on Android (DevLog 2)

This week I was finally able to test on android. I set everything up following this guide on GameMaker’s site and successfully got things running on my Samsung tablet. You can check out the video above to see the game running and my progress so far.
I had some difficulties at first getting it to display correctly on my device, but then I realized I had forgotten to change the Android settings in GameMaker to match the Windows settings I was testing on before. After that, everything worked perfectly.
With the code that I finished last week for scaling, the screen scaled to my device automatically. My tablet’s screen is 1280×800 pixels, so 1280/800 is 1.6, meaning it has a 16:10 ratio. Based on that, the game changes the view to fill up any extra screen space and eliminate any black bars on the sides.
I’m in the process of creating a simple level editor for my game. This is what Ive created so far:
  • Able to move objects around
  • Objects snap to a 32×32 grid
  • Can’t place objects on top of one another
  • Can’t place objects outside of the level
  • Able to tap to move with a character
  • Buttons for “debug mode” and “level editor mode”
Eventually once the player moves all the objects where they want in the level, they’ll “debug” the game and walk around with the character to make sure they can interact with each object. They’ll also be able to turn collisions on and off for each object if they wish.
Here are some of the things I want to get done for next week:
  • Test on iOS
  • Create a virtual d-pad (I may not end up using this or I may just have it act as a secondary control scheme)
  • Create a button that takes you to the home screen of the game, where you can access your email, Kickstarter page, and other applications
  • Incorporate the device’s system clock into the game to display the current date and time

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