Creating The ‘Game Game’ Level (Devlog 6)

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. Since then, I’ve mainly been working on two things:

  • Getting the game to work across multiple rooms (+ adding functionality to move between them)
  • And adding 40 unique objects to the game (4 item rows; 10 objects per row)

My main goal in working on the level editor has been to make this level: Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.00.32 PM

This is the level from my first prototype, titled “Game Game”. I’ve finally reached the point in development where I can make this level, which is incredibly exciting. I still need to develop a system to create the “game” part of it, but my current progress let’s me create the map and move between rooms.

Adding all of the objects to the game was time consuming, but I already had the system in place to make this happen. Getting the game to work across multiple rooms, and adding functionality to move between them, was a lot trickier.

I came up with a system that would let the player place an “Enter Warp” and an “Exit Warp”. With this, the player can move between rooms during the play mode of the game. Here’s the system:

First you create a path to room you want to go to:

Then you create a path going back to the previous room:

The system is a bit more complex then I had hoped. Having to place four tiles just to move back and forth between two rooms is a bit much. Ideally the player would only have to place two tiles, but a system like that would require a system to rotate objects. It’s possible that I will add a system like that in the future, but for now the warp system I’ve set up is perfectly fine.

Here is the final result in moving between rooms during play mode:

Right now the transition between rooms is a bit jarring since it happens instantly. I’ll be adding in a fade in / fade out system in the near future to fix this.


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